Committed Records | Artists
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At Committed Records, we believe independent artists should be able to make their own music their own way.  Period.


There is a massive void on the label side for artists who really want to do their own thing without going broke, and who are simply incapable of making creative compromises in order to get their music out there.  Unfortunately, nowadays it seems like anyone who has a hand in financing a record all of a sudden knows what’s best for an artists and we think that’s a bunch of crap.  We think there’s a better way to do things, and so here we are.


We’re getting ramped up as fast as we can.  2018 is the year we get our foundation set, our business model solidified and our goal clearly identified.  We’re always looking for new talent to bring into the Committed Family.  If you want to know more about Committed Records, or want to get in touch with us, please visit our contact page and drop us a line.  Good luck out there.

Committed Records Artists
tom mcelvain playing guitar at sonic ranch studios
Photo:  Chris Couture Photography
Photo:  Chris Couture Photography